Professionals in flowers must start to do more with
trends thema’s and styles

Nicky Markslag entered the flower designing profession following her training at the College of Horticultural Further Education in Aalsmeer. After that she followed also different trainings to complete her master-designing. Important moments in her career include giving courses in the Netherlands for groups of foreign florists and teachers and demonstrations and workshops. She runs courses at her business Het Bloemtheater and teaches classes for the Professional Florist Training Course and the Florist Advanced Training Course and other foreign groups. She was head designer of the big rose show (2000 m2) on the Floriade. Also she is one of the trenddesigners for the Keukenhof, one of Hollands most famousness flower parks.

Background is important

In presentations Nicky feels aspects such as dealing with customers and the background of products to be just as important as the products and the creative possibilities. “I like to discuss such matters with my audience,” she says. “A good florist must have many skills. That is reflected in the information required. That is why I try to cover as many aspects as possible in demonstrations. In every market, the challenge is to accept the participants as they are. Only then can you do full justice to both them and the demonstration or workshop.”

Elaborate styles carefully

Nicky Markslag likes all styles – including experimen­tal work – provided they are carefully explained. She favours flowers with a clear, firm structure. She also likes creamy colours and greens and currently enjoys working with the colour combination red/deep/salmon-orange purple. As far as the seasons are concerned, she prefers late summer and autumn, because of the fruit and the luxuriance.

Excessively passive approach

She works – or has worked –for florists, wholesales, growers, fairs, schools and gardencenters in Britain, France, Slovakia, Poland, Tsjech, Spain, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Austria, Germany, Finland, Slovenia, Croatia, Macedonia, Libanon, Jordanian, Russia, Japan, Equador, Colombia and Kenia. In her work for the Flower Council as one of her customers and in the classes provided by her company, she stresses the commercial value of trends, and thinking outside the frame of tradition.
As far as trends are concerned, florists should be doing far more. Many florists still adopt an approach, which is far too passive. That is going to have to change.

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